What is a modern classic, and what significance do classic works have in a transversal culture?

Statements V

Fashion designers and bathroom culture.

Statements (six)

Rita Ackermann, Mark Borthwick and Nicola Tyson

Statements 7

Steven Gontarski, Marc Quinn and Thomas Rentmeister.

Fast Forward Archives

An overview of nearly two decades' worth of events in contemporary art.

One On One

The "One On One" exhibition created a radically confrontational intimacy and a direct dialogue between the artist and the observer.

Keine Donau

Cameron Jamie, Peter Kogler, Kurt Krenn

Tobias Rehberger

The chicken-and-egg-no-problem wall-painting.

Update / 3 Spaces in one

A futuristic re-interpretation of the bathroom by Matali Crasset.


Ideas of a bathroom of the future.

Dornbracht Research Unit, ETH Zürich

The research project "Ritual architecture in the bathroom".

Noises for Ritual Architecture

The first collection of Noises for Ritual Architecture in the Bathroom.

Global Street Food

The fascination of improvised kitchens in public places.

Revolving Realities

An autoreactive installation, one that plays with our sense of reality.