They may be small, but together they achieve great things

The international success of the medium-sized family-run Dornbracht company is based on a clearly expressed premium product standard and consistent customer orientation. The company was quick to recognise that efficiency in the product range and in service depends on three factors: on valuing the individual worth of every employee, on reducing the complexity of the processes and on being as transparent as possible in dealings with suppliers and other partners. This was the basis for the strategic development of the Iserlohn location by manufacturers Andreas and Matthias Dornbracht.


Interfaces become links
The course for long-term competitiveness in the premium segment was set by introducing structural as well as operational modularity in the relevant areas of operation. Matthias Dornbracht, the Managing Director responsible for Production, Logistics and Purchasing, sees this primarily as a corporate decision. "To be efficient and remain located in Germany, we must be adaptable. And for us, that means thinking in smaller and therefore manageable, units." Bringing together the individual areas of activity into modules results in every employee moving closer to the customers. Rigid departmental boundaries and thinking in terms of responsibilities are now a thing of the past. "The interfaces between departments simply link them together", explains Matthias Dornbracht, "crossing between them is just like handing over the baton in a relay race." Over-extravagant quality management systems are made superfluous by direct, uncomplicated communication. "In the best case, a call comes in and everyone involved hears what the customer has to say over the loudspeaker – workers along with sales advisors." Implementing the processes in modules that are around 720 square metres in size, was accompanied by doing away with traditional hierarchies and by extending the scope individuals have to make decisions. The results speak for themselves. Turnaround times have been noticeably reduced, whilst at the same time, there has been a quite obvious improvement in quality. And employee satisfaction levels are extremely high. Everyone can understand the part they have played in the success or failure of the company.

Suppliers and customers are actively involved
To start with, many employees were a bit sceptical about working on their own responsibility. But the manufacturer can now assert that "Our initial experience shows that reticence gave way to great enthusiasm, and that everyone is carried along by it." The same applies to customers and suppliers as well. Because the openness of the module concept leads to people behaving differently towards one another, or as Matthias Dornbracht puts it "to important and mutual esteem". "And that, in turn, is expressed in the products and their acknowledged unique selling points."



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