Wellness is synonymous with physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being, along with relaxation.  This is exactly what VERTICAL SHOWERATT has to offer – by combining a number of specialised water outlets and different flow modes, you experience the ultimate in wellness and well-being as you shower. Regular and purposeful water applications have a positive effect on body and mind - the Dornbracht wellness shower makes it easy for you to experience the impact of water in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Wellness comes from the interplay of different water temperatures and flow modes

The water emerges simultaneously or successively from different positions to touch your body at similar or different temperatures.

With the rain shower (JUST RAIN), the water rains down from above and envelops your body in big, glistening drops of water, as if in a shower of rain. The water touches you gently on your head, neck and shoulders.

A clear, wide cascade of water falls onto your shoulders from another outlet point, the WATER SHEET. You feel as if you are under a waterfall, or at a source. The cascade of water loosens your muscles and brings maximum relaxation.

The water from the WATER BARS touches your back softly, or in a powerful stream, as required.

The different outlets combined with the different flow modes of VERTICAL SHOWERATT stimulate the entire organism for the ultimate in wellness and well-being.


How can the specialised outlets and different flow modes be combined to make sensory water scenarios? In the VERTICAL SHOWERATT, your choice is between BALANCING, ENERGIZING and DE-STRESSING. Simply press the button to find one of the three pre-programmed wellness scenarios: 




BALANCING: The water becomes the source of spiritual strength. This wellness shower scenario creates equilibrium, restoring balance and bringing security. The interplay of the temperatures and flow modes of the wellness shower brings all your senses into harmony. The pleasant ebb and flow of the water on your body is like being gently stroked by a hand. You feel as if the water is caressing you, protecting you, you just want to surround yourself in a mantle of security.

DE-STRESSING: Water cleanses the mind. It relaxes, soothes and powers down the organism. The water of the wellness shower is slowly and deliberately heated to release tension in the muscles, loosen them up and also encourage the mind to let go. Your body and your mind enjoy perceptible harmonisation.

ENERGIZING: Wellness that imparts strength. This wellness shower scenario brings new energy. All the senses are sharpened and stimulated. The organism powers up. The circulation and its microcirculation are activated by the constant alternation of pleasantly warm rain and bursts of cold water. Almost inevitably you start to sway to and fro in the rhythm of the alternating stimuli, blowing against the coldness and the next instant, abandoning yourself to the warmth.

Design: Sieger Design
Wellness scenarios: Schienbein + Pier 



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