The effect of a foot bath spreads throughout the organism. The FOOT BATHATT combines different flow modes, comfort functions, and pre-programmed scenarios for the ultimate in wellness and good health. The scenarios and comfort functions of the luxury foot bath are based on special water jets that are perfectly tailored to what is needed in the foot bath:

The wide spout of the WaterFall with pearl stream makes the water touching your skin feel really soft. The presentation of water for your foot bath is exceptional, with a flow mode that is made up of gentle, parallel and individual streams of water. 

The luxury foot bath promises relaxation and health in keeping with the Kneipp model. We worked closely together with Kneipp experts to develop the “affusion pipe”. Extending, it can be used to accurately target individual zones on the feet or calves, as well as for knee, thigh or arm affusions, for example.

The four jets on the floor of the basin provide therapeutic stimulation to the reflex zones of the feet. In the foot bath, choose between a pleasant and composed massage and purposeful cold stimuli to improve the circulation in your feet. 

The scenarios in the foot bath are operated and applied intuitively and easily by four control elements (Smart Tools). Two twist controllers and two display switches are used for control. The twist controllers let you set the exact temperature and volume of the water. You use the display switches to control the water outlet point and the drainage of water, along with the foot bath’s comfort functions and scenarios that are pre-programmed at the factory. 

The scenarios relaxation and revitalisation at the touch of a button


RELAX - soothes the body, mind and soul with the power of water. The water is heated slowly and deliberately to encourage blood flow in the feet.  The feeling of security calms the circulation, as the water gently climbs from your ankles to your calves. After the scenario, your feet, your mind and your body feel relaxed. The scenario is perfect for winter days in particular, when it warms you up and prevents you from catching a chill. 

VITALIZE - invigorates, stimulates and liberates. Working from the feet upwards, energy can flow freely once more, as a feeling of freshness envelops the body. Energetic changes in temperature stimulate the reflex zones of the soles of the feet, as the mounting intensity of the jets activates the nervous system. The senses are invigorated and the feeling of well-being is boosted. 

Besides these scenarios, the FOOT BATHATT has pre-set comfort functions. For example, you can fill the foot bath automatically with pleasantly warm water to ankle or calf height, or use the affusion pipe as a stand-alone treatment at the touch of a button.

In both the private and professional spa, the FOOT BATHATT can be used for various treatments, e.g. as preparation for taking a sauna, or for additional massage units.

Design: Sieger Design


Dornbracht Bathroom 2014


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