TRANSFORMING WATER is synonymous with wellness and the therapeutic effect of water on the individual - both in the professional and private spa. Design and high-end technology combine to bring sensory wellness and water experiences to your very own spa. TRANSFORMING WATER meets the needs of individual users with harmonious choreographies of water, light and fragrance.

Healthness: The promise of wellness and good health

The new spa solutions take a holistic approach to your expectations of wellness and good health - healthness
Healthness is our aspiration for the private spa and combines two English words, “health” and “wellness”. A health-conscious lifestyle and improving physical and mental vitality have become important elements of a meaningful life. Fully in keeping with the “Sanus Per Aquam” (spa) model – health through water, different temperatures and flow modes are combined at varying water pressure to promote a long-lasting feeling of well-being throughout the body.

Whether standing, seated or reclining, you will enjoy a totally new showering experience. With TRANSFORMING WATER, we follow the highest standards of quality for professional and private applications.

The inspiring pre-programmed choreographies of the individual private spa solutions are an invitation to linger. We are offering you an exclusive opportunity to experience our products by test-driving our showers. We will arrange an appointment for you at the spa of your choice. Our highly-trained staff offer a personal and discreet service, right from the start.



Our spa solutions enrich every professional and private spa:

With the luxury shower, SENSORY SKYATT, showering becomes a unique experience that touches all senses and makes you feel as if you have brought Mother Nature into your own bathroom.
The massage shower, HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, epitomises total relaxation and lets you enjoy a reclining shower experience for the first time. The different spa scenarios function as a pleasant massage.

The wellness shower, VERTICAL SHOWERATT, is more than just water falling from above: it combines specialised product positioning with different flow modes. These massage your back and shoulders, surround your body with wellness and deliver an unforgettable spa experience.

The FOOT BATHATT combines different flow modes, comfort functions and pre-programmed spa scenarios, and is equivalent to various massages. The therapeutic effect of a foot bath is not just limited to your feet. It spreads throughout the organism.

TRANSFORMING WATER – The luxury spa experience.