As a leading manufacturer in the premium segment, Dornbracht represents the ultimate in reliability and value. Customers rightly associate every product from Iserlohn with the promise of documented quality of manufacture and exclusivity. Dornbracht also puts the premium brand aspiration in a far wider context. As both the driving force and patron of a constant, artistic debate on the subject of water, the Iserlohn-based company has gained an innovative insight into bathroom and kitchen environments – and has derived numerous product ideas from this. The Dornbracht brand is now a symbol for knowledge and cultural inspiration covering every aspect of the element of water.

Learning from art
Since the mid-nineties, Dornbracht has been initiating and promoting contemporary art and culture projects all over the world, with the aim of exploring its own cultural identity. Artists work freely in their particular genre on generously interpreted tasks in a series of projects on a particular subject, brought together under the name "Dornbracht Culture Projects".
Those who have taken part so far include Jürgen Teller, Rosemarie Trockel, Yves Netzhammer, Marc Quinn, Mark Borthwick and Thomas Rentmeister.
Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht sees this cultural commitment as an ongoing discourse, which will help the company to explore its own inner compass. "When looking for innovation, for something new, art can polarise, can challenge taboos and go beyond limits. We want to learn from this."

"The Dornbracht brand signifies knowledge and inspiration"
Positions taken from the artistic debate have often found their way into the strategies and developments of the Iserlohn-based company. The Edges series, for instance, was the starting point for looking at bathrooms in a new light, as places for daily cleansing rituals. Dornbracht then defined the concept of ritual architecture and placed the fittings of the MEM, Tara.Logic and Elemental Spa series in visionary ritual bathrooms. Exhibitions like "The Farm Project" and "Global Street Food" were ideal starting points for the development of the products and product ranges of Water Zones for the kitchen.

Culture as an expression of individual existence
As a premium brand, the Dornbracht brand thrives on quality of materials and workmanship, on unmistakeable design and on functionality. But it also thrives on promises such as exclusivity and the expression of individual existence – where exploration of cultural identity links in and assists the brand's constant learning process. As Andreas Dornbracht say, "Nowadays the Dornbracht brand signifies knowledge, ideas and inspiration covering every aspect of the element of water. Architecture, lifestyle, design, technology and culture are the foundation for all this."



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