Intelligent technology for bathroom and kitchen

SMART WATER enhances every bathroom ritual, whether at the sink, shower, or tub. This newest technology lets you customize the entire bathroom experience to your exact preferences. Fill your tub to the precise desired temperature and volume with a push of a button, or turn water on and off at the bathroom sink with a foot sensor. SMART WATER supports your most common behaviors in the bathroom, and because there aren’t any complicated menus, it’s easy-to-use. Many functions require just a push of a button.

Key Features

- Use the app or display switch to automatically fill the tub to your preset desired temperature and level.
- The app alerts you when the tub is full.

- Each family member can select his or her name on the display switch for personalized settings.
- Choose from a variety of preprogrammed scenarios.
- The memory function lets you turn water off to shave your legs, for example, and turn it back on at precisely the same settings – saving water.

- Turn water on and off with the foot sensor for hands-free control
- The memory function saves water in-between daily bathroom rituals
- Incorporate multiple outlets, like the rotating water outlet or pull-out spray. No separate diverter is needed for the sink, shower or tub.

- Simple display switch and control knobs
- No complicated menus
- All options on the first level
- Easy to work with wet hands – not a touch screen
- ‘Plug ‘n’ play’ installation makes it easy to install

Smart Water is available April 2015

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