Bathroom design responding to individual needs

Dornbracht’s wide range of unique products, variety of designs, and innovative technology allow for customization of the bathroom to suit particular needs and tastes.

Dornbracht uses the term 'Sampling' to describe this approach to individual configuration. ‘Sampling’ refers to the creation of unique combinations using different products. In bathroom design, 'sampling' refers to the customization of bathroom architecture to meet the needs of the client.

Thanks to unified design across all of its products, Dornbracht allows for multi-design, multi-series combinations on a modular basis. Products from different series can be combined with one another and used universally. Combine the flow spout on the Deque series with another MEM fitting on the wash stand and the towel rack by Symetrics. There are limitless combinations of function and design.

The same principle applies to the products’ functionality. Along with conventional, mechanical controls, many applications can be operated using Dornbracht’s new digital Smart Tools. Water temperature and flow are controlled with a turn of the wrist; useful pre-programmed settings and complex choreographies can be activated at the press of a button. The controls’ designs are timelessly discreet as well. Whether mechanical or digital, the unobtrusive dials and display switches fit seamlessly into any bathroom design.

Dornbracht also offers a variety of finishes that can be mixed and matched. Depending on the series, available finishes include: chrome, platinum, platinum matte, black matte, champagne, or Cyprum.