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You can learn a lot about a company from what is directly revealed in balance sheets and contracts. But there is only a certain amount you can learn about the personality of a company from mere numbers. Dornbracht is now the only family-run company among the major players in the industry, and this is noticeable in the good relationships it enjoys with market partners, suppliers, specialized retailers and tradespeople. The family-run company has been managed since the start of the nineties by Andreas and Matthias Dornbracht, the third generation of the family to do so. As their father Helmut once put it, "The good thing about it is, you'll always find a Mr. Dornbracht to talk to here."

Confidence pays off
The large personal network also thrives on the brothers' presence – Andreas is responsible for Marketing and Sales, Matthias for Production, Purchasing and Logistics. Small and medium-sized companies also still abound among specialist wholesalers and tradespeople - they particularly appreciate how near at hand and approachable the manufacturers are. Family decisions are considered particularly reliable and give partners long-term continuity. Confidence exists on both sides and keeps paying off. After the devastating fire in summer 2009 that spread from the neighboring site to the electroplating shop, destroying it completely, Dornbracht initially had to stop production and was not able to make deliveries. The value of good relationships showed itself during this crisis. Competitors offered Dornbracht fallback options for production, banks and specialist wholesalers remained loyal to their long-term partners and tradespeople took up the work for the defaulting manufacturer with waiting end customers. It is an integral part of the corporate philosophy to cultivate lasting and successful partnerships. Which is why Dornbracht has been working together with the renowned designers of Sieger Design since the eighties, and with the communications agency Meiré und Meiré since 1996.

Brave and visionary decisions
The corporate strategies also make it obvious that Dornbracht's fate is not under the control of a faceless consortium. When Helmut Dornbracht extended the company's design expertise in the eighties, this alignment was not without controversy, explains Andreas Dornbracht. "But by putting the focus on design, my father had detected the spirit of the times. As brothers, we consistently followed this path." Their bravery was rewarded. The product range was reduced and, later, totally aligned to the premium segment. There was another momentous decision. While many companies relied on the low wages in Asia, Dornbracht kept 100% of their production in Germany. The majority of their suppliers also come from the immediate vicinity of Iserlohn, where the company is located. An anonymous consortium of shareholders would probably have decided differently a long time ago, thus harming the essence of the company, explains Matthias Dornbracht. "We are not mass-producers, so we have to be flexible enough to respond to the market. You cannot simply outsource the production of our custom-built products."



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    The corporate strategies and cultivated relationships make it obvious that Dornbracht's fate is not under the control of a faceless consortium.   More
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