Sync, the pull-down fitting

Dornbracht's launch of the new Sync kitchen fitting coincides with the introduction of a new functionality: a pull-down fitting with a spray function. Because the spout can be extended downwards, this new function increases the fitting's radius of action and makes daily tasks in the kitchen much easier to complete. Sync's dynamic design language skillfully combines Dornbracht’s iconic high-quality aesthetics with first class functionality.

The spout of Dornbracht's new pull-down fitting has a significant advantage: it can be extended downwards, and has flexible pull-out hose that can be easily directed to wherever it is needed. This offers the greatest possible freedom of movement in the kitchen’s wet working area. A matt-black, heat-insulated grip intuitively guides the user's hand to a pull-out element that fits the shape of the hand perfectly. Sync's 360-degree radius of rotation, of its tall spout and the wide projection, give additional room to manoeuvre.

Two flow modes – laminar flow and spray flow

Sync offers two flow modes that are geared to its intended use: a regular, clear, laminar flow and a powerful spray. Dornbracht developed the spray in-house, in order to implement the slender and precise spout design that measures just 28mm in diameter. Switching between laminar flow and spray flow is simple using the button located on the back of the black, pull-out element. The long lever and ergonomic 90-degree opening angle make it easier to dispense the right amount of water.

Sync: The new design icon with a dynamic design language

Sync is the new premium fitting that features a dynamic, front-facing design language that literally comes towards the user. The tapered transition between the body and the spout - and the inner contour of the groove-free lever running parallel to it - are characteristic of the design. The tapered shape of the body of the fitting also continues in the trapezoidal profile of the lever. A design variant of Sync, with a circular spout, is also available.

Tried and tested Dornbracht quality

Sync is available in plated polished chrome and platinum matt finishes. Plated finishes are extremely resistant and are ideal for meeting the specific requirements of a kitchen. Their characteristic shine and exceptional depth of colour confirm the outstanding quality of Dornbracht kitchen fittings. Like all the other fittings from the premium manufacturer, Sync is 100% ‘Made in Germany’. Thus, Dornbracht is able to maintain a consistently high standard and precise manufacturing quality, Made in Germany.

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